ABC Lightweight Triangle Shaper 11242

$ 190.00

The ABC Lightweight Triangle Shaper, Style 11242, is a symmetric breast form that creates a sleek line under clothing. Its lightweight silicone makes it 30% lighter than standard silicone. The elongated base provides more coverage across the bottom without adding fullness near the peak, and the hollow back covers the entire breast area. The ultra thin edges provide seamless transition from shaper to skin. Like all of the ABC Breast Forms, it is designed to prevent irritating crossover. The shape of this partial breast form creates an incredibly flexible product. The over-all curvature and the curvature of the footprint allow the form to be turned and conformed to a woman's individual needs. Covered with smooth, incredibly soft skin for easy, comfortable wear. The American Breast Care partial breast form shapers help provide symmetry for women who have had lumpectomies, reconstruction or those who just need a little balancing in the bra cups. Lightweight Silicone. Color: Blush. 

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