Nearly Me Butterfly Extra Lightweight Flowable Back Silicone Symmetrical Breast Form #355

$ 160.00

Nearly Me® Butterfly Breast Form #355 has a flowable silicone clear gel back layer that moves to fill uneven areas on the chest wall for a better fit. The versatile symmetrical butterfly shape fits four ways and can be turned with the fullness toward the center or toward the underarm on either side of the chest. Nipple placement and apex match the drape of a mature breast. The form front is made of "whipped" lightweight silicone gel which has a different "squishiness" than the standard-weight gel -- when you press into it, it has a slower return, and it feels more like mature breast tissue as well as being 35% lighter-weight than standard weight forms. Encapsulated in a highly durable polyurethane film to keep it soft but wearable for many years. Cloth Comfort Cover included. Colors: Beige.

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