Nearly Me Casual Symmetrical Modified Triangle Foam Breast Form Weighted 560

$ 67.50

Nearly Me Casual® Modified Triangle Foam Breast Form #560 is ultra light, cool and comfortable, and ideal for the first 6-8 weeks after surgery. It is also great for sleeping, relaxing, swimming, and exercising. Made of soft, polyurethane foam, covered with a polyester fabric cover, and slightly weighted with an inner metal pellet core, it is still very lightweight but also durable and puncture proof. A security tab on the permanent fabric cover can be sewn to a bra or bathing suit cup. The symmetrical modified triangle shape is easy-to-fit and fits both the right and the left side. The profile is more shallow than a Full profile and is recommended when more natural tissue has been left after surgery. The contoured back is designed to fit smoothly against the chest wall. This shape is best if worn with the smallest curve at the top and is not meant to be turned in different directions. Color: Beige

Item: 560

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