Nearly Me Freestyle Full Triangle Silicone Athletic Breast Form #360

$ 95.00

Nearly Me Freestyle® Full Triangle Athletic Form 360 is designed for swimming or any other athletic activities and is safe in pool or salt water, hot tubs, and spas. It is made of standard weight silicone which is the closest to the weight of natural tissue. The contoured concave back reduces the weight and improves the fit, and the full triangle shape has a thick profile and fits well into swimsuit cups or sports bras with a defined cup. Triangle forms are best if worn with the smallest curve at the top and are not meant to be turned in different directions and are ideal for women who have had surgeries where more tissue on the front of the chest wall needs to be replaced. The silicone is clear and allows one's own skin color to show through the form so that the form does not show through bathing suits, making it harder to see in the pool if it comes out of the swimsuit. The silicone gel is softer than most athletic forms, but the polyurethane skin is strong and durable. A cloth carrying case is included. Color: Clear.