Nearly Me Mastectomy Camisole 520

$ 45.50

Nearly Me® After Surgery Camisole #520, is designed specifically for women immediately after surgery with an emphasis on comfort and practicality. It is made of soft, breathable cotton while spandex provides flexible support. A hidden built-in bust liner of cool polyester fabric helps wick away perspiration around the chest area. This liner is sewn in a way that creates a hidden pocket area on each side of the camisole to accommodate a lightweight fiberfill "puff" or a Nearly Me Casual® foam form (sold separately) to fill out the surgical side of the chest. There is a wide elastic underband that helps support the remaining natural breast and extends around the body to keep the garment from shifting, puckering, or pulling. The neck is extra-wide and flexible, allowing you to step into the camisole without lifting your arms which may be painful. There are no hooks, zippers, or snaps that might irritate sensitive skin or catch bandages, and there is a hidden, discreet drainage pouch built in below the bust liner to hold a tube if needed. Color: White

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