Camilla Wire-Free Padded Bra - Black / Sand

$ 66.00

  • Bra Cup Form - (2) Average Fit
  • Featuring noble lace with sand-colored microfiber underlay, this bra exudes a feminine and elegant aesthetic, making it perfect for daily wear.
  • The padded foam cup covered with decorative all-over lace ensures a comfortable fit and creates a beautiful cup shape, enhancing your overall comfort and confidence.
  • Seamlessly integrated into the design, bilateral pockets provide a discreet solution for those who require prostheses or additional support, maintaining a smooth and natural silhouette.
  • The wide and padded front straps offer exceptional comfort and reduce pressure on your shoulders, allowing you to wear the bra for extended periods without discomfort.
  • The back straps are adjustable, enabling you to customize the fit to your preference for maximum comfort and support.
  • With higher coverage on the sides and back, this bra offers increased stability and support, ensuring it stays in place and maintains its shape throughout the day.
  • Hook & Eyes : 2 rows: 32 - 40 AA, A; 32 - 38 B; 32 - 36 C, D, DD; 32 - 34 E // 3 rows: 42 - 46 AA, A; 40 - 46 B; 38 - 46 C, D, DD; 36 - 46 E