Jobst Facioplasty Elastic Support

$ 51.37

The Jobst® Facioplasty Elastic Support for Ears, Cheek, and Chin provides effective pressure and support following facial surgery, including face lifts, by providing even pressure to aid in the control of post-operative swelling. Dressings and moist compresses are held in place without tape, and it can be slit to expose patient's ears. The Velcro® closures are adjustable making it easy to put on without assistance. Latex Free. Blend of Nylon and Spandex. See below for sizing. 

Small - Under 25 inches (64cm) - 111825
Medium - 25-26 7/8 inches (64-68cm) - 11826
Large - 27 inches or more (69cm) - 11827

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